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Exploring Hemp

with Cait Curley

Filmmaker / Independent / Commissions

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Throughout history, the stories we tell about ourselves have helped people connect to one another, and to the world at large. At SJCody Productions, our Syracuse-based team strives to capture these stories through film.

We combine creativity and passion with the latest cutting-edge filmmaking technology to tell interesting stories about overlooked subjects. There are millions of great stories yet to be captured on film – our goal is to bring them to life.

What We Do

Looking for an expert documentary crew to bring your project to life?

From cinematography to editing, we are equipped to handle everything from start to finish. Reach out today to learn more.

When it comes to filmmaking, planning, and preparing is essential for success.

Our expert pre-production services help ensure that everything is ready to go, saving time and money down the line.

After filming wraps, the real fun begins.

We channel years of combined experience in editing, sound effects, visual effects, and color grading to take your project across the finish line.

It’s the job of the director to bring all components of filmmaking together under one unified, cohesive vision.

Reach out today to discover what our engaging directing style can do for your project.

Thanks to innovative drone filmmaking techniques…

…we can now capture spectacular aerial shots that used to be costly and inaccessible without access to enormous budgets.

Recent Work All Projects

Ray Rinaldi Title Card

The Sweet Scientist

We are tirelessly working to complete this project for screening by the end of this year. It is our mission! We are respectfully seeking contributions to help us complete this project on time and share Ray’s legacy with the world through film.

Feel free to reach out directly anytime.